Check Out These FREE eBook (and How To Design Your Own Promo)

In my blog post earlier this week, I mentioned that I was coordinating a newsletter growing promotion. Well, here it is… Sound the trumpets! There’s something for everyone in this promotion. (Woman’s fiction to science fiction. Romance to children’s reading books. Fantasy to general literature.)

***Make sure to scroll all the way to the end of this blog post, I have another fantasy / science fiction FREE eBook promotion down at the bottom. ***


I coordinated this one myself, and it was a little more work than I thought it would be. Hopefully, it’s a success and all these authors find readers for their books. If you wouldn’t mind, it’d be fabulous if you’d take a look at the page I made and perhaps find something that interests you. Here’s that link again.)

Now, you ask. How did I coordinate this? It started with a few of us author’s complaining about our pathetic mailing lists. A few, more experienced authors saying you needed to get involved in one of these cross-promotion things. Well, how do you get involved in one of these? YOU NEED A BIG MAILING LIST! It’s an endless loop, so we thought we’d create our own. Our goal was to find 20 authors to participate. Here’s the steps:

  1. Ask everywhere you have connections if they have a giveaway and if they’d like to participate. I used Facebook groups I belonged to along with a post on kBoards. After a few days, I pulled together the twenty authors I needed. (You’d think 20 slots would have filled much faster, but it turns out many authors don’t have freebies put together. The other authors, already having huge lists and are involved in much larger scale promotions.)
  2. Using my blog, I created a landing page to host the author’s giveaways along with the links to their book and a sentence or two description. (Here it is again, if you’d like to take a peek at it.) It took a little bit of time gathering all the info I needed and having the participating authors change a little. Pull outs due to contracting and scrambling for new additions. It worked out though.
  3. I created a Facebook group for all the authors to get together for instruction and to snag the graphics I made using Canva.
  4. I created a HeadTalker campaign for the authors to support, that would give at least one post directing their fans to the site.
  5. The only requirement for the authors is to share this giveaway any way they can. No minimum newsletter subscribers, twitter followers, etc.
  6. Now, the promotion is out of my hands. I need to trust the author to spread the word, and I can’t wait to see how many page views this promotion gets.

Okay…on to the SECOND promotion that I’m in. This one is fantasy and science fiction only (my favs!) HERE’s the link

happy girl reading book by the window in winter

I hope you find something to read this weekend. 🙂


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Lessons Learned; 60 Days of Self-Publishing


Sixty days have passed since self-publishing my novel, Love, Lies & Clones. I posted about my lessons learned in the first 30 days HERE. I wanted to focus on the second 30 days with this post. They have been PAINFUL!

Remember my writing goal? All I want is for people to READ what I’ve wrote (and enjoy it.) Writing is completely a hobby so I’m not trying to make any money doing it, but I did want to share the economics during this journey. (I still say writing is not an expensive hobby. Try being a triathlon addict. One race can set you back a few thousand dollars…plus the equipment? Ouch.)

Here’s just a quick overview of the first 30 days (December 16 until January 15) as a reminder:

  • Expenses: $389
  • Net Income for first 30 days: $95
  • Profit/Loss: $-294

For the first 30 days, I had my book priced at 99 cents with a goal of gaining readers (since I’m a new author.) Here’s my sales:

  • 63 eBooks (Profit of $21)
  • 18 paperbacks (remember, it’s for sale in my parent’s zoo.)

I decided that I wanted to try a kindle countdown deal and to do so, I needed to raise the price to $2.99 for 30 days. I knew that raising the price would decrease the number of sales. (In fact, I thought I wouldn’t get any!)

So, how did the next 30 days go?

I had already tested some advertising while my book was priced at 99 cents with minimal success, so I decided I wouldn’t do any paid advertising, except Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) Ads while it was priced at $2.99. I wanted to save my advertising dollars for a Kindle Countdown Deal. I’ll post about that next week.

So… With nothing more than my routine blogging, a facebook and twitter post or two, and the AMS Ads, here’s my sales:

  • 13 eBooks (Profit of $26.52)
  • 5 paperbacks (Profit of $13.95) My parent’s zoo is closed for the season.

Note how, despite selling 50 less books, I made more money. (Unfortunately, my main goal is to have people read the book, not make money. This is the part that has been painful. I’ll go a two or three or more days in a row without a single sale.)

Just this past weekend, a local book club decided to make Love, Lies & Clones their March book read. (Thank you) That accounted for 4 sales so far. (2 paperbacks and 2 ebooks)

My Expenses This Month: $4.63 on AMS Ads. (Plus, all the paid promos for my countdown deal, but those expense will be deferred until my next post.) So, my balance sheet:

  • Expenses: $394
  • Net Income for first 30 days: $135
  • Profit/Loss: $-259

Lesson’s Learned This Month:

Mailing List: A mailing list is SO important. Not only does it help you reach out to your readers, it also qualifies you for some promotional opportunities that work (Newsletter swaps). BUT to participate, many of them require huge mailing lists. What I should have done is started building this list a year ago. Offered a freebie through instafreebies or My Book Cave way back then. I have yet to send a newsletter out and I may still change my mind on this.

Amazon Rank: You’re undiscovered unless you rank in the top 100 of your category. Preferably top 20. On my release, I should have thrown more money into advertising, even if I know it wouldn’t come back immediately. I’m spending about $200 on my Kindle Countdown. We’ll see if that is a good figure, or if it should be less…or more.

Author Interviews: These take time and at this stage in the game, I’ve seen very little (if any) success. I am doing a guest blog post this week and we’ll see if that has a little more impact.

Kindle Unlimited Page Reads: I thought the higher price would bring in Kindle Unlimited Page Reads — It didn’t.

Amazon Book Page: I continue to fine tune my page on Amazon. I’ve tweaked my blurb (using bold and adding in review comments), checked my reviews (I have 15 of them, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars), and tried to figure out what is not making people click the purchase button. The only thing I can think to do to attract more readers is change the cover…but will that even help if they don’t find you in the first place?

Today starts my Kindle Countdown Deal, where Love, Lies & Clones is only 99 Cents. I have the following promotional sites booked. I’m not expecting to earn my investment back, but I hope half of it. I’ll talk about my reasoning when I post the outcome. Stay tuned for a recap of what worked, and what didn’t.

  • 2/16 – Book Barbarian ($20) & My Book Cave-All Week Exposure ($20)
    2/17 – eReader News Today ENT ($30) & Sweet Free Books ($7) & My Newsletter will go out.
    2/18 – Book Sends / eReader IQ ($35)
    2/19 – Guest blog for Mystery Thriller Week (I wrote an article about using medications as murder weapons) (Free), HeadTalker Campaign (Free), & a few Ask David Tweets ($2 – Maybe)
    2/20 – eReader Cafe ($25) & a few more Ask David Tweets ($1 maybe)
    2/21 – Free Kindle Books & Tips FKBT ($30)
    2/22 – Bargain Booksy $50


Again, thanks for sharing this journey with me. Until next time.


Feel free to share your thoughts and wisdom in the comments.


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1000 True Fans – I Have a FREE Giveaway, Now What?


In my quest to find 1000 “true” fans, February’s focus had been on social media, but we’re taking a detour this week. I stumbled upon something that I need to blog about–otherwise the rapid jump in my statistics will be out of place. If you want to get caught up on 2017’s journey to find 1000 fans, check out the 1000 “True” Fan Landing Page.

Review of Past Week (Mission 6: Facebook Author Page): Success.

I’m calling last week a success. I finally feel like I have a plan for my Facebook author page with ideas on what to post and working on growing the engagement there. I posted a question about villains and had some discussion, posted my new feature…”Sunday, Punday” which had a few likes, and slipped in some self-promotion, asking for nominations for my Kindle Scout campaign.

So…How did this week turn out in terms of mailing list growth (my measure of success)?

Drum Roll…Ready?

Current Mailing List Subscriptions: 75 fans / 1000 true fans (Up 37 from last week…NEARLY DOUBLED!) (Okay, okay, stop. It wasn’t what I posted on my Facebook author page that got me this big jump. It’s some promos I found–THROUGH Facebook. Keep reading, that’s the focus of this week’s mission.)


This Weeks Mission: Using your free giveaway to grow your mailing list.

Back in week 3, I created an “ethical bribe” – a freebie to giveaway as a thank you for joining my mailing list. (Read about it here and here.) At that point, I figured, GREAT, I now have this freebie, everyone will want to join my list, right?


(I’m wrong a lot, if you didn’t notice.) It turns out, EVERYONE is giving something away for free. Either the first book in a series to hook you on the whole thing or a “subscriber magnet” to lure you into their mailing list.

I stumbled upon a post in a Facebook group referencing “My Book Cave”. I went to check it out. They have a free trial for 60 days, where you can put up  your “subscriber magnet.” Well, what the heck? I’m game for anything. I already had my short story collection created, so in a few minutes, I had an account and this collection uploaded to My Book Cave.

Then I joined a Facebook group specifically for group giveaways on My Book Cave (Located here) and quickly joined in a Fantasy & Science Fiction one. (CLICK HERE to see the put together promotion and, perhaps, grab a FREE book or two. These authors WANT to give their stuff away.)

Piece of cake.

The giveaway went live yesterday, and I already have 18 new subscribers from that one giveaway…that was completely free. (Plus, I have 14 more days that it’s live.)

Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Are they “fans” or just people looking for something free. Will they even read my stories? Who knows, but if some of them do…or even open my newsletter, it’s better than nothing. If they don’t like what they see, I hope they simply unsubscribe. I’m not out anything, as I never planned on selling those short stories for money.

The other thing that’s helping to grow my mailing list is Instafreebies. Instafreebies is completely free, unless you want the mailing list opt-in option. I bit the bullet and started a free trial for 30 days. I’m currently in day 10 of the trial, and like it so far. (It will cost $20/month if I stick with it.) I’m doing a few things, trying to maximize it’s use right now.

  1. I have my first three chapters of both LOVE, LIES & CLONES and BLOOD & HOLY WATER up there. Downloading is free and the mailing list opt-in is completely optional. (In fact, the reader has to click a box, requesting to be put on the list.) I’ve had a few new subscribers this way. (No advertising, except for what the site does automatically–I have the links set to public.)
  2. I have my entire advanced reader copy of BLOOD & HOLY WATER up on the site as well. I made the mailing list opt-in mandatory with that one. I want to be able to send out an email reminding people to put a review on Amazon when I publish the book. I’ve netted 12 downloads/mailing list subscribers from that already. (The link to this one is private. I don’t want it public, because I only want to give this away to people willing to give me a review. I’ve advertised it myself on my blog and through goodreads groups. I’ll send the request out in my newsletter too.)
  3. I’ve got my short story collection, QUICK ESCAPE: FANTASY TALES up there too, with a mandatory newsletter opt-in for the download and have gained 13 subscribers from this. (No advertising, except for what the site does automatically–I have the links set to public.)

Then, I have one more exciting mailing list growth promotion I’m organizing. I’ll be positing a link to it on Friday, but I connected with authors I know, wanting to organize our own giveaway. There’s 20 of us participating and came up with our own book bonanza for this weekend. I’m hoping it works out.

My goals this week: My week is full, as I’m hosting/coordinating (yeah, I’m ambitious) a 20+ Author, multi-genre giveaway event this weekend. Watch for that blog on how it went. Here’s a teaser of the graphic I made to advertise it. (Plus, because of this promo, I need to actually send out the first edition of my newsletter. That makes me so nervous.)


Next Week: Blogging. (Finally, since I skipped it this week.)

Thoughts? I always love hearing your input.

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Wanted: Readers to Review my Novel (Again!)

Anyone willing to receive a free digital copy of my novel, BLOOD & HOLY WATER, in exchange for a review or two on Amazon, Good Reads, or wherever else? I’m planning on publishing the book in April and would love to get some reviews right away upon publication.

Any takers? Here’s the link to download it free from Instafreebies (Click HERE). It opts you into my mailing list (the plan was to email out a reminder to post the review in April.) If you don’t want to opt in to the list, just comment below or use the contact me and I’ll send you a private link without the mailing list opt in.

I’ve been describing the story a urban fantasy with some suspense/paranormal romance.

You can read the first few chapters here to see if you like it: Blood & Holy Water on Kindle Scout


Ava’s sick of mundane angel duties. She wants a promotion to finally earn her wings. A promotion takes more than hard work; it takes a miracle—literally. Unfortunately, her miracle’s impossible, as it involves a vampire.

Fin has no time for frivolous gestures. He’s too busy avoiding his own kind to care what a naïve angel wants. But when the other vampires uncover his deepest secret, threatening what he cherishes most, nothing can help him except a miracle. Too bad he chased the angel away.

Have a great day and, as always, thanks for stopping over & supporting me.



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1000 True Fans – What to do with a Facebook Author Page?


In my quest to find 1000 “true” fans, February’s focus is social media. If you want to get caught up, check out the 1000 “True” Fan Landing Page.

Review of Past Week (Mission 5: Is Twitter a Waste of Time?): My answer…perhaps yes?

Let me explain. Twitter is great for interacting with people (or other authors in my case.) I learn from posts, especially following hashtags. My take on twitter: If you like it, use it. But use it like it’s intended–social…with chatting, interacting, and helping others the best you can.

My BIG DISCOVERY this week: Hootsuite. It makes twitter so much more user friendly. It’s free software that lets your organize your streams (you can do Facebook too.) I have it set up simple, with three tabs/organizational areas. Having Hootsuite lets me interact more meaningful…and quickly. All I do is open it up, scan all my streams/tabs (interacting with whatever pleases me) and then move on. Here’s how my tabs are organized:

  • Tab 1 (Account Overview): Includes: mentions, messages, and new followers.
  • Tab 2 (Hastags I follow): Includes: Writing hashtags (#amwriting, #writerslife, #indiepub, etc), Reading Hashtags (#amreading, #whattoread, etc), Market hastags (specific to my next novel — #urbanfantasy, #vampires, etc) and blogging hashtags (#bookblogger, #blog, #sundayblogshare, #mondayblogs, etc.)
  • Tab 3 (Lists): I have a few lists I follow. Two I made… One is public of all the awesome people I’ve run across on multiple other platforms. The second is private, of those people who I’ve interacted with on twitter and want to follow-up with or interact again. I also follow two other lists, put together by other twitter users… Fantasy writers and Sci-Fi writers.

So…How did this week turn out in terms of mailing list growth (my measure of success)?

Drum Roll…Ready?

Current Mailing List Subscriptions: 38 fans / 1000 true fans (Up 7 from last week…but hold your horses, they weren’t from twitter. I am trialing instafreebies with mailing list integration for one month. I’ll blog about this when the free trial is over.)


This Weeks Mission: What to post on my Facebook author page…and passive growth of “fans”

Facebook is a FANTASTIC way to connect with other writers. I’m in multiple groups that I actively participate in. In addition to this, I love using it to create a smaller private group to coordinate events. My advice: Find a group, request to join, and BE ACTIVE! This is how you make connections.

Back in September, I decided it was time to create a Facebook author page. (Blog about that here.) Since then, I’ve posted 38 times…and struggle every time with what to post. What content should I share on my author page? My blog…and twitter function under my “platform” of discovering how to write…together. My Facebook author page is different. It’s about me as a writer.

Who do I want to be? I’m a little quirky…ridiculous at times. So, I decided to share funny reading (sometimes writing) cartoons. I need to remember that while my blog caters to writers, my Facebook page is more for readers.

Like always, I did some research. Here is some ways to use your author page to connect with and grow your audience. I’m hesitant to just randomly ask people to like my page, I’ve read that this impacts the magical Facebook algorithms on who see’s your posts and who doesn’t (i.e. if less people are engaged, the less likely it is for your post to be displayed.) So my goal isn’t to grow in number of followers, but to grow in quality followers. Because of this, I’m not going out asking for some random page likes.

Here’s some suggested content for an author page: Goal – KEEP IT RELEVANT and ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE. (Also, a big rule of thumb: 20% promotion and 80% non-promotion)

  • Ask questions: I’ve had great success with asking for help with taglines, novel covers, and other things relating to what I’m stuck on. I think it would be good to engage your fans to…such as, “Who’s your favorite villain?” “What was the last book you read?” “Which novel made you cry?” Hmmm… I’m going to have to try these.
  • Photos of books / book events / relating to writing. I think sharing personal photos, not stock images, is the best way to engage the audience.
  • Book quotes: I usually do this in conjunction with a new release or a special deal…Or share a quote from a book you’re reading.
  • Upcoming events I’ve posted cross promos and release dates.
  • Book trailers / other videos I haven’t posted a video yet, but I know videos are taking over social media.
  • Really good or important blog posts. Not everything, but the ones I want everyone to see. I know my facebook followers are not loyal blog followers, but do check out the posts I direct them to.
  • Inspirational / Funny quotes & comics: Yeah, that’s just my quirkiness coming out. I have some of this in my newsletter too. I like to do more of these than anything else.

How often should I post? This is another question I struggle with. Twitter you can post a lot. Facebook requires some moderation. (Just as blogging does.) I know I don’t post often enough–once per week…maybe twice if I have a promo coming up. I think a good goal would be three times a week. (With at least two of them NOT RELATED TO MY WRITING OR BOOKS. I don’t have any science behind that, but that’s just my thought. Perhaps daily would be better? I’d love to know your thoughts. I personally think the frequency is individual based on the page owner’s own personality.

Facebook Author Pages have some challenges. For one, you can have 1000 page likes, but when you post, Facebook has some behind-the-scene algorithms as to who sees your posts. (Maybe only 10%?) You have the option to PAY for a post boost, where it’ll go out to all the people who like your page. Yeah, I hate that. That’s why some people use a personal page instead of an author page. I figure, if I have something that important to say, I’ll share it on my personal page and ask my fans to share it too.  (Or bite the bullet and just pay to boost the post if it’s THAT important. Facebook has to make money, too, right?)

And remember: If you get ANY INTERACTION AT ALL, make sure you interact back!

My goals this week: My goals are pretty simple.

  1. Post 3 times. One promotional post and two fun posts. (I’m heading over there now…as soon as I hit publish.)
  2. Come up with a daily routine to check twitter and interact in Facebook groups — without it sucking ALL my writing time away from me.

Next Week: Blogging!

Let’s learn from each other. What do you enjoy seeing on an author’s Facebook page? What do you post on your own?

(P.S. My Facebook Page is here if you want to watch me get a handle on it.)


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Book Spotlight – Codename Omega: Omega Rising by Jessica Meats

Did you know that I love to read? I don’t talk about it much on this blog, since my focus has been on writing, but it’s true.

I love books!

I love them so much, that I’m adding a new feature on my blog. I figured, since I’m putting the time in to read books, I’d share them with whoever’ll listen to me. (Note: I tend to almost exclusively read independently published novels these days, and this is a nice plug for them too.) I’ll be sharing the speculative fiction novels I read, since that is my writing focus (and my passion.)

**See my disclosure at the end**

I hope you enjoy this new feature.

Okay…here we go.


Novel: Codename Omega: Omega Rising

Author: Jessica Meats

How I found this book: Mystery-Thriller Week is an eleven day celebration of novels, authors, and readers with a passion for mystery and thriller stories. It runs from February 12th to the 22nd. I stumbled across this novel through the pages of participants. What caught my attention was the books genre: a scifi mystery. If you enjoy mystery & thriller novels, head over to the Mystery-Thriller Week blog or join their Facebook group. It should be a lot of fun.


Amazon book description:


Jenny Harding has no money, no qualifications and no career history. A job working security for a big tech firm seems too good to be true. Maybe it is.

She is tasked with hunting down a group of thieves who have been stealing sensitive technology. Caught up in a battle involving alien forces, Jenny has some important questions to answer:
–Who are the thieves?
–What’s their real purpose?
–And is she on the right side?

What’s not in the blurb: Being hunted down and attacked wasn’t the kind of job interview Jenny Harding had in mind when she turned in her resume to Grey Tower. Now, she’s got the job and becomes tangled in a web of missing high-tech devices…not only that, when one of the thief’s are killed, she finds her hands on technology that can only be described as alien.

As I writer, what I really enjoyed and appreciated: Kudos to the author on the foreshadowing. The story was told in first person past tense and there were times the main character would give you a glimpse of things she wished they knew at the time…or what was yet to come. I felt this did a fantastic job of creating suspense and a feeling of dread for the future. (And secondarily, I enjoyed the references to the martial arts throughout the book. While I was reading, I caught myself wondering if the author had some type of training herself.)

Who’d enjoy this book: This book is a great, quick read, with some good action and science fiction that takes place on Earth (not space-opera, even though there are aliens.) Right up my alley. The book wraps up quickly, and leaves some things unresolved, as it is the first book in a series.

My overall impression: For some reason, this is the third novel in a row I’ve read written by a European writer. I’m digging that. This story was a nice introduction to a series, showcasing how an “average” person got caught up in an alien conspiracy—becoming a hero, costume and all. I enjoyed the alien technology, adapted for human use. This had it all…a little action…conspiracy…scifi…mystery…and romance. The plot was well done. Despite really enjoying the creative concepts of the story, this story is told first person, filtered through the main character’s perspective. It gave it an old-time detective story feel, which detached me from the story’s action. Not bad–just different than I typically read.

About the author: Jessica Meats is a graduate of the University of York and works in the IT industry. She draws on her experiences as a technology specialist and martial arts student to create a unique and interesting fictional community of combat experts and computer geeks.

Other books in the series:

  • Codename Omega: Traitor in the Tower (Book 2)

My disclosure: I hate star ratings. Honestly, I think these are so subjective and sometimes reflect the reader more than they do the book. Because this is my blog, and I can do anything I want, I’m not using them.

I think ANYBODY who puts the time, effort, and dedication to write and publish an entire novel deserves 5 stars anyway. Also, when I read indie authors, I realize they operate on a shoestring (non-existent) budget and don’t have a team of college educated professionals helping them fine tune their novels.


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1000 True Fans – Is Twitter a Waste of Time?


We’re jumping into month two of my quest to find 1000 “true” fans, focusing on social media. If you would like to get caught up on last month, check out the 1000 “True” Fan Landing Page.

Review of Past Week (Mission 4: What’s your Platform?): ??? Success.

Last week was all about determining your platform. The homework was to go out and make some contacts, do some guest blogs, basically, network. It’s hard to say if this was successful or not, since the payoff is in the future.

What I have lined up:

  • January 30th  – Spotlight on Amateur Sleuths for Mystery/Thriller Week
  • February 19 – Guest Post for Mystery/Thriller Week (Article I wrote on “Medications as Murder Weapons (in fiction writing, of course)”
  • February 26th – Author Interview
  • March 10th – Author Interview
  • March 17th – Author Interview

We’ll see if it turns into much of anything–at the very least, I really enjoyed writing the article “Medications as Murder Weapons (in fiction writing, of course)” Okay–before you judge me, remember, I’m a pharmacist.

How did this week turn out in terms of mailing list growth (my measure of success)?

Drum Roll…Ready?

Current Mailing List Subscriptions: 31 fans / 1000 true fans (No change from last week.)


This Weeks Mission: Optimizing Twitter I’ve been using Twitter for less than a year. I never really understood what this crazy blue bird meant. Everyone’s tweeting–well, so what? It wasn’t until I attempted my first Kindle Scout campaign that I created an account and tried for some followers…which quickly grew into 2000+ of them.

I thought, GREAT! Two-thousand people will hear my message. I should be able to get votes for my campaign…or sell my book…or get mailing list sign-ups, right?


I had formed the opinion that twitter is useless…a waste of time…BUT many people are saying that it’s quite effective. My conclusion can only be I have no idea what I’m doing. I began doing my research.

So, what is twitter’s purpose? Twitter is more of a social gathering. A blogger friend of mine gave the analogy that twitter is a bar. (Check her blog out here for more twitter information.) I’ve also heard it’s like a party. You go to meet people. Make connections. Many writers (unfortunately, me included at times) tweet promotional tweet after promotional tweet. If somebody showed up at the bar or party and sat besides you, chatting nonstop about the product they were selling, you’d get up and move pretty quickly.

How can I use this to my advantage? Think of those people you want to hang out with. What makes them attractive? Common interests? Humor? Great charisma? Full of useful information? You want to capture this in your twitter posts. I’ve read multiple opinions on a good ratio of promotional information vs. quality content, anywhere from 5% to 50% of tweets can be promotional. I think this depends on what you have going on at the time.

How much time will this take? I don’t want social media to take over my life…but, at the same time, I do enjoy the connections and learning new things. My struggle that I want to overcome this week is effectively using my time to create QUALITY interactions…MEANINGFUL conversations…TRUE FANS. Plus, I want time to write…and enjoy my family…and maybe the outdoors, if summer ever comes back.

My goals this week: After reading through the books listed in the “learn more” section below, I’ve come up with the following game plan for myself. My goal is to get a handle on twitter, begin to form some relationships, but don’t get caught up in a time sucking adventure. I want to form a sustainable method to continue to grow my reach. There are so many things that can be done, but this week, and into the future, I just want to focus on a few easy steps.

  1. Grow quality followers: I guess you can follow 1000 people a day before twitter jumps in and wonders if you’re a robot or not. I can’t imagine the time this takes. You don’t want to randomly follow people. Ideally, connecting with people with similar interests or those that will be interested in what you have to offer. So…how do you find these people? There’s many ways, but I’m going to start by looking at the lists others have added me to. I know I’m on some scifi/fantasy lovers, indiepublishing, and blogger lists. Those are the people I’m looking to connect with. I’ll follow some…with hopes of meeting somebody new. Perhaps the goal of befriending 30-50 people per day. (Goal: Spend 5 minutes per day on this.)
  2. Engage in quality conversations: Start building a list of those people you want to watch and frequently converse with. I’ve learned, with 2000 followers, my twitter stream is a mess and that’s not the best place to go. I’ll create my own lists, perhaps: Fans, Writing Buddies, Fun People. (It’s a good enough start.) Also, follow certain hashtags. I’m starting a Kindle Scout campaign, so I’ll follow that hashtag. I’ll also watch #writetip, #indiepub, #twittertip THEN, I’ll get chatting. Perhaps a goal of starting 3 to 5 conversations per day. (Goal: Spend 10 minutes per day on this. Don’t have to do it all every day. Just some here…and there.)

Of note, twitter is an interesting platform with lots of little nuisances (like setting up your platform, who can see conversations, visibility of lists, etc.) If you don’t know anything about it, I’d recommend diving into a how-to guide to get the basics.

Key takeaway: I had been tempted to do some account automation to make this whole process easier, but I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t even look at Direct Messages, so why would I expect my followers to? I’m very genuine and wish to continue that platform.

Learn More: You can find out more about twitter in these books I read to get a handle on what the heck twitter was.

Next Week: Facebook!

Let’s learn from each other. What twitter tips do you have?


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